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From the Parent of a Missionary

Connor: Let the last week of the CCM

Hellllooo from the BEAUTIFUL Santiago Chile!!!! How goes it with everyone??? Was your week as fantastic as mine?

This week really was absolutely fantastic. There were quite a few changes that took place, which I warned about in last week’s email, but I will give a quick overview. Thursday morning I packed my bags to prepare to make my first move of the mission, which, even though it wasn’t too dramatic, was still fun. That Thursday night i took my stuff over to the other housing place for CCM missionaries called Alcantara, which used to be the Swiss embassy here in Santiago, but now the church owns it. It is basically just a mansion that missionaries live in, so you can be jealous that I live in a mansion. Then following that move, I received a new companion, elder Rooney from Syracuse, UT. Since then, I have been having so much fun. My companion and I are very good at having a good time and still being good missionaries, which makes everything great. We have so far taught 3 lessons since we were companions and 2 of them were awesomely awesome. The first was with an investigator named Shayla, who has a testimony and everything, but her grandparents, whom she lives with, won’t support her baptism. During the lesson, both Elder Rooney and I were prompted with a scripture each that fit perfect to her situation, and when we left her “house” she was very happy and committed to talk to her grandparents about it. The second lesson was last night. We were talking to a girl named Iris, and had a plan to share with her the restoration of the gospel for the lesson, and literally at the exact same moment in our lesson after we asked her a question, both my companion and I had an impression by the spirit to change the course of the lesson to something completely different. Not only that, but there was zero communication between us about it. I was the one that made the first initial swing to the different direction, and after the lesson found out the Elder Rooney had the same impression I did. That is no coincidence my friends. There is no doubt in my mind that was from the spirit.

Another event of yesterday, my new district [because I got switched when I got a new companion] was getting a little out of control during our computer language study, so our teacher went and got another teachers opinion on who could help here the best. The teacher she asked was Hermano Montalban, one of my old teachers, and he followed her back into the room and pulled my outside and told me that I would be the only missionary he could trust to help her out, because of some different reasons that he shared, and that was sweet to hear. Not an hour later our current teacher pulled me off to the side and said the same things almost, but said that she knows that I am going to be a great missionary, and for that reason knows that I will be able to keep our district under control without sacrificing my studies or attitude or anything like that. And after the lesson we had with Iris, that teacher told me and my companion the same thing, because she knew that we had changed our lesson plan by following the spirit. So I got 3 compliments that I will be a great missionary yesterday, which was really nice.

One more random thing. All I have to say is that there is a first time for everything. But I shaved my legs Sunday night, along with 7 other missionaries, and man does it feel amazing. I may just keep up with it throughout my mission…… hahahaha

Well, I love you all, hope you had a great week just as I. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. I know that this is the Christ’s true and restored church on the earth today. I love being a missionary more than I love sushi.

Love, Elder See III


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