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From the Parent of a Missionary

Connor: Let week 5 begin!!!

Chile MTCThis past week has been the best week here at the MTC, and I had some very spiritual moments, as well as some fun moments. Actually, you could say I have felt just about every emotion this week.

First things first, not really about me, but one of my roommates, an elder from Peru, went into a small coma this past week during one of his classes and went to the hospital for a few days, and when he got back, he was here for about an hour to eat dinner and something else happened and he went back to the hospital. He got diagnosed yesterday with a form of epilepsy and is having to go home, which is sad to see, but it was odd to see how happy he still was. He really has a true spirit of a servant of the lord, despite his condition. It is awesome to see.

On to my own personal experiences for this week, the first one happened last Thursday I believe, playing soccer for exercise in the morning, and I took an incidental elbow to the face, which resulted in an instant bloody nose that lasted about 15 minutes. I was convinced my nose was broken, but I just put some of my magic oils on it and it never really hurt after that. It still has a little bit of a pressure feel to it, but that’s okay. It doesn’t look weird 🙂

The next thing worth telling about was on Saturday night. My district was sitting in the computer lab doing some language training and our teacher said he wanted to show us a song. I want everyone to look it up just because I instantly fell in love with it. It is called “The hardest thing I ever Loved to do” by the Nashville Tribute Band. This song made me burst into tears. Mom, you’ll love it. Also, for you mom, there is another song by them called “Bless my Son” which I am m sure will make you cry, but it is great. The whole album is called the Work, and mom, if you wanted to, feel free to send me the album on a USB so i can put it on my Zune 🙂 But anyways, we listened to a couple of songs that evening and had a little bit of a testimony meeting. Our whole district was crying. It was a sad, but awesome, spiritual experience. Oh and one more song by them. It’s about Christ, called He walked a mile in my Shoes. After all that, our district received news that, as of tomorrow, we will be nonexistent, and I will be getting a new companion, Elder Rooney, and moving to the other housing place called Al Cantara. It used to be the Swedish Embassy here…. So that cool.

Some funny things, all of the Latinos in this group call me peter parker or Spiderman, because I guess I look soooo much like him…… whatever. The also call me Andy because my companion looks like Buzz Lightyear. Some things we also found out about Chileans, They have Dora the explorer here, and she teaches the kids English! The song goes… Vaaaamos Come On! Instead of Come on Vamanos! I thought that was super hilarious. And last thing, Chileans have a joke here about Bill Clinton and his scandalousness. They say “Everything that Clinton didn´t bomb, he slept with that.” Kind of inappropriate, but totally hilarious.

Well, I love you all. I love this gospel. I know that this is the Lords church that has been restored here on the earth. I know that through me being here on a mission, everyone, those reading this email, the people here in Chile, and myself, are receiving countless blessings from the Lord. I love you all! Chao!!!

Love, Elder See


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