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Justin: My first week in Lo de Bran

Lo de BranHello, family and friends! I had an absolutely crazy week… I cannot write but a hundredth part of the history of my life, yet I will proceed to explain the most important events in the period of my life.

Hehe… cheesy scripture language.

Monday was once again one of the saddest days of my mission. I went around and said goodbye to all of my beloved members of Satelite. It was amazing to go from home to home and see how much of a difference I was able to make in the lives of those people. I didn`t do nearly as much as I would have liked, and I cried with several of the families as I asked God one last time to bless and guide them even in my absence. I hope the branch continues strong.

And, of course, I just realized that I forgot my camera to send pictures. ;(

But Tuesday morning I woke up super nervous as I finished packing my things, said one last long goodbye to Elder Hernandez, and got into a taxi to go to the famous change meeting. As usual, we heard a brief message from our president about how we have to increase our faith and make our prayers more intense, begging God to help us have the success we need. I loved this phrase: “We have to pray like everything depends on God, and then get up and work like everything depends on us.” So true!

Then, one by one, they began to announce the new changes and areas. I watched as several of my fellow Elders were called to one area and the next. I was replaced by an amazing Elder named Elder Chambers in Satelite. I hope he will do good in my place!

Finally, they put up on the screen an area called Lo de Bran 1. They put up my picture right next to an elder named Elder Guaman, and then the assistant to the president said, “Elder See is the new zone leader for Zona Milagro!” Everyone around me cheered as I stood up, speechless, to go take the place next to my new companion and start helping the elders get to their areas. My stomach took a turn, my heart came up into my throat, and I think it was through the Spirit that I was able to walk straight.

And holy cow, has it been crazy! I can hardly believe that the Lord has called me as a zone leader, but I have started to learn so much this week. My companion, Elder Guaman, is amazing. He has been a zone leader for one change already, and is a very hard worker and very organized. He`s from Ecuador and has been in his mission for one month longer than me. He actually reminds me a lot of Davis… we are having a blast together, working in the fire of love, obedience, and the Spirit. Together we are working in a place called Villas de Milagro, which is basically like one of those gated communities where all of the houses are exactly the same, but Guatemalan style. That means that the houses are tiny and squished together, but the people here are amazing. I don`t know what work God has done here, but almost everyone we talk to is willing to listen to us. We have found more new investigators this week than I had in my entire mission — 3 new families and more. There are several very prepared investigators that we are already working with. There is one man named Jorge Toc who the missionaries started teaching a couple weeks ago. He dreamt about the first vision, and when the elders came and started telling him about it, he got really excited and said that he had already received an answer from God. He went to church for the first time with us on Sunday, and we found out that his wife is an inactive member. This family is going to get put spiritually in shape!

Our branch is amazing as well. We`re the only branch in the whole stake, but we have more people going to church than the majority of the wards. We have a tiny little chapel that is about 30 minutes away from our house — we have to go in tiny little car  buses, hanging in the doorways and the windows when they get really full. Our branch president is a blast and the members are really willing to work with us. The branch is on the verge of becoming a ward, so we`re going to give them the final push. It`s funny, because it`s like a progression from my last areas. I`m very grateful to be here in this area — God has truly blessed me and put a great responsibility in my hands. Expect more good news in the future!

On top of this crazy area, we have to take care of our entire zone. We have 16 missionaries (12 elders and 4 sisters) under our care in 9 different areas. We have to work with the stake president and the mission president to make sure that all of these excellent missionaries are fulfilling their goals and working with members. The zone is very behind on its goals for baptisms and attendance in church, so we have a lot of work to do. We definitely have a lot more responsibilities now– every night we have to call all of the three districts in our zone to ask about their daily work and encourage them to fulfill their goals. We have to give 2 zone trainings each month– we actually did our first training on Friday, where we did a weekly planning session with the entire zone. It was pretty crazy and stressful, but the spirit really guides us. I can tell that the missionaries have a lot of respect for us and use us as an example, which really encourages me to work harder and be better our of love for them and the savior. Even more, we have to do divisions twice a week to go to other areas and make sure that they are working well. Whoo!!

All in all, with all the things I have to do, the time is going by extremely fast and I have to rely on the savior even more to be able to go beyond my own capacity and fulfill the savior`s vision for this zone. I know that the Lord will guide me, and he is guiding me. I am learning a lot of humility as well, because I know that I have so much to learn from the other missionaries around me. As Christ said, “I didn`t come to be served, but to serve.”

You all are in my prayers. May God guide you in your lives as he is guiding me in mine.


Elder See II


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