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Connor: Hello from Chile! Week number 4, come at me!

Hello everyone!

Just so we all can remember what he looks like...

Just so we all can remember what he looks like…

This week has been a good one here at the CCM Chile! My companion and I continue to teach our investigators, and our lessons are getting better and better. The language is coming along, and there have definitely been some points where I know for a fact that I have experienced the gift of tongues. It really is a fantastic experience. And by experience i have learned that the gift of tongues only comes when the spirit does, but when they are both there, lessons are incredible. I really am starting to enjoy missionary work even more. One of our lessons this week was the first one where we felt that a baptismal invitation was right, so we did, and the spirit was so strong. <Absolutely incredible. There really is nothing better than knowing that the message you are sharing with someone is something that will solve all their problems, change their life for the better, and bring them eternal salvation. That is the greatest joy in this life that I have ever experienced. And I can say that with full conviction of my heart.

This last week we also got a new group of Latino missionaries, because they all leave and come every two weeks, which also meant knew North Americans. It’s been nice to not be the newbies anymore. I like to be smarter than other people sometimes…. hahaha

Also, I would like everyone to keep an eye out for the pictures in the Liahona and Ensign. I will be in one of those pictures. Maybe even the title page. Who knows? There was a guy here last Sunday that took our pictures, we all had to sign some papers, etc., but hopefully we are in it soon! There is about 11 of us in it or so.

One more random thing, I spent 30 minutes shaking a kids hand yesterday. Just goes to show you what missionaries do for fun when they are bored…..

Now, I would just like everyone who is reading this to take a look at Alma 60:6 and liken it unto sending letters and such down here to Chile.

Hasta Luego!

Love, Elder See III

P.S. Sorry for all the bland emails. Not much excitement happens at the CCM. Hopefully my emails spice up once im in the field in 3 weeks!!



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This entry was posted on October 16, 2013 by in From the Missionary.
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