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Justin: Cha Cha Cha Changes

The title is inspired by a certain song that talks about changes, and now applies perfectly to me! To my complete surprise, last night I received a phone call informing that I would be transferred out of Satelite. I will no longer be with my beloved companion Elder Hernandez, and I will have to say goodbye to the area that I have loved SO much. 

I guess I´ll just start from the beginning. 

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God….”

Okay, maybe a little too much. I´ll just start with this week. 

I had an amazing week with Elder Hernandez this week. We both had had some feeling that we might have changes, just because it´s exactly when things are getting better and you´ve learned your lesson that the Lord moves you to go learn something else. This was easily the best week with him. He´s been teaching me how to cook a lot, and on Monday we made a delicious Hawaiian chicken in our apartment. We only have an electric stove and halfway through the light went out, and we had to take a pause, but it turned out deliciously. On Tuesday we had a zone council meeting, and one of the main topics we covered was to avoid judging and criticizing our companions. It was like God has given a slap in the face, and I realized that I tend to judge and criticize a lot. I look at all the bad things my companions do and I am quick to correct them, but I almost never praise them for the good things. When we got back to the apartment, we had a looong talk together, and I realized that Elder Hernandez had simply never had a true friend here in the mission. We decided then and there that we would be best friends for the rest of our time together, and we managed to get it done. Even though we continued with our differences, we managed to look past them and love like Christ loves. On Sunday a few of the members got mad at him for doing something that he shouldn´t have done, and when we got to the house he was feeling depressed and angry at all of the things people were saying to him. After another long talk. I offered to give him a blessing. The power of the priesthood amazes me. Every single time there has been a fight or some sort of problem, Christ has always been able to win over Satan in our companionship through the power of forgiveness and love unfeigned. When you really LIVE what it says in D&C 121:34-46, miracles happen. 

Of course, it was only an hour and a half after that high point of our companionship that the phone call came that we were going to be separated. LAME! But I know that God has a great purpose in it. 

We also finished on a high point in the branch. We worked hard this week to involve the members and get everyone to church. We set a new record of 133 people in attendance and ended up having one of the most powerful testimony meetings that I´ve seen here in Guatemala. We got a new family to go to church with us, the de Leon Gomez family, and they loved it. They will soon have a baptismal date. Other investigators continue progressing, and after doing a quick count we estimate that loads of less active members now go to church thanks to our efforts. I will NEVER forget the experiences that I had in this area, and how God guided me in every step of the way to help people come unto Christ. 

A couple of cool experiences this week: 

We set up a table full of Liahonas that the members donated to us in the center of town, and put on some church music to call people´s attention. When we put up the sign “free magazines about Jesus” the people started flocking to us like flies and a dumpster (literally the best metaphor I could possibly use!) In an hour and a half we had contacted over 100 people, many of which are interested in the Gospel! Yah!

We set up a talent show on Saturday night, but almost nobody showed up. 

And much more!

I love you all. I will write you next week a bit about my change!

Elder See II


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