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Connor: General Conference…. WUT

Hello everyone! How goes it with all of you?!?! Everything is great here at the Chile CCM! Our district continues to bond and grow to love each other more and more. There are some people of which I would normally think are so weird and wouldn’t really think to talk to in my district, of which we have only 8 people, but the attitude here at the CCM, like I may have said last week, just helps you to love everyone. It is so great. Everyone has the light of Christ and Love of Christ in them here, and we know a lot of the elder’s names here. And that isn’t just because of the name tag…..

But just to give you all a reality check, the CCM isnt all fun and games. There is definitely stress involved, and some hard times. Our districts classroom is a cellar, I swear. No windows, nothing. So we are getting that disease where you never see the sun and it makes you really depressed. Luckily, though, all the Latinos left today, so we get their classroom that has a window for the next two days, so we can get some of our sanity back.

The teaching of mock investigators, both teachers acting and other district members acting, just makes me more and more excited to get to the field, besides the barrier of the language. Spanish is coming well, and for the most part I can say what I want to say, but there is always a word here and there that I don’t know and it makes me so frustrated. But as my companion and I continue to teach we almost always have the spirit in our lessons. One of the key things we learn here at the CCM is how to listen, and how to teach people, not lessons. Listening really is key. If you are just pounding things into their brain, they could care less. You really have to stop, ask questions, listen to how they are feeling, and shape a lesson that is just for them as you teach. One of my favorite lessons this past week was when we taught one of our teachers who was playing the role of one of his really close friends. We did it mostly in English, so it was easier, but listening played a huge role and the spirit was SO strong.

But let’s jump to general conference. I LOVED it. I have never been more excited in my life to listen to the words of our prophets, but having the same apostolic calling as those brethren that spoke to us made me so much more attentive. It was fantastic. The personal revelation that I received and the spirit that I felt was tremendous! I loved elder Ballard’s talk in the Saturday evening session of conference. Absolutely fantastic. From all of conference I have like 16 pages of notes in my Journal. I hope you guys all loved it as much as I did!!!

Well I love you all, miss you all, and hope everything is going well! Huge shout out to Katiemarie for joining the work this past week as well!!!

Love, Elder See III


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This entry was posted on October 8, 2013 by in From the Missionary.
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