The See Chronicles

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Connor: All is well!!!!

Just so we all can remember what he looks like...

Just so we all can remember what he looks like…

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!!!

I have so much to say, and a timer in the corner of my screen to hold me back and pressure me! But I will do my best to get to all of you.

As for my week, post the email I sent last week, I have been so happy and so stressed at the same time. The brotherhood here at the CCM with all the elders is incredible. Even with the elders that don’t even speak English. It’s pretty incredible. Like Justin, there is a small joke with my name and all the elders here, and they all ask me if I am elder see, and because we speak Spanish is say Si, and then there is a quick exchange of Si, Si, Si, Si, Si. So that’s fun.

The food here is pretty great. There is a couple things here and there that aren’t incredible, but there has been very few things that I cringe to eat. And it’s mostly just weird jello stuff. Also, for breakfast here, we have cereal and little ham and cheese sandwiches every day, but with the cereal, they use yogurt. Not milk. So we all just put a ton of yogurt on our cereal and its pretty good, surprisingly, so that’s fun. That’s enough about food though.

The spirit here is constant. I have never felt sad, angry, or anything since i got here. The classes, aside from this morning, have all been preparing us to teach mock investigators, but… in Spanish. Problem is, the Spanish classes haven’t really started yet, so nobody knows how to speak Spanish too much, and we have had to teach our investigators in Spanish. All of my district is really stressing about the language, even though we still have more than 5 weeks here. It is stressful though. In my companion and my lessons, (my companion is Elder Williamson from Cedar City, UT) I have done most of the talking because he knows like ZERO Spanish. So my Spanish has been improving because of that fact. But I don’t feel like I know more, which is odd and frustrating, but that’s okay. It will come with time, and especially the gift of tongues.

That has really been all that we do here at the CCM though. Hopefully the language study picks up.

Just a couple fun facts for you who worry, the water here in Chile, despite some belief, is safe to drink. I havent hurt myself too much. Other than being super sore from actually working out, and stabbing into my thumb with a pen this morning, I have been okay!!!!

Hopefully I have more to tell of next week! I love you all!

Elder See the THIRD!!!



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This entry was posted on September 30, 2013 by in From the Missionary.
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