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A note from the Father

Dropping off Connor at the airport.

Dropping off Connor at the airport.

It is at this point in the blog, where my second son leaves on his mission to Chile Santiago East. I have pondered how to handle his blog versus Justin’s, and I have decided to have them both in one place.  What joy and love I feel toward my sons and my Heavenly Father that I am so blessed as two have two sons worthy of serving as Disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This missionary is different, however, from the first. I do not mean that they are different people, for they certainly are, but I mean in the timing. My first missionary left on old terms, at 19. This gave him, and us, time to adjust to living away from home, taking on new responsibilities, dealing with room mates, making decisions. When it came time for Justin to leave on his mission, it was almost like sending him back to school. We had done this before. Yes, we cried at the curb and he cried when it hit him that he was leaving, but it was different.

With Connor, he is straight out of High School, having never lived away from home, not having those experiences that his brother had had. The worst part, the string had not been cut. So we cried. We cried days before, we cried that morning, we cried after he was gone. The car ride to the airport was almost silent. Janine and I had to pull conversation out of everyone. It is a very different thing to have them leave so soon.

The good thing, Connor found friends waiting for him at the gate. That made me feel much better.


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