The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Connor: Hello!!!


Connor landed very early in Santiago with a large group of new missionaries

Connor landed very early in Santiago with a large group of new missionaries

Hello everyone!! I have made it here to the Chile CCM safely, have gotten all settled in, and now I am in class having the opportunity to write you all! I only have ten minutes, and Dad, I did get some letters from you, and I believe Justin as well, but I will wrtie you back when I have more time!

So anyways, the plane trip here was nowhere near as bad as I expected. the first plane to LA was tiny, but the other plane was huge and incredibly confy, so that was nice. Up to now, since I haven’t had a good nights sleep, it seems like the longest day of my life thus far, but oh well.

As I walked off, family, I definitely had the tears running down my face, and was sad to watch you disappear behind the wall, but once I got to the gate I saw 11 other Elders there waiting for the same flight as me, only 4 of which not to my mission, and we were all instantly friends. Throughout all of the plane rides and layover we were all making jokes with each other, getting to know each other, etc. and when we got here to the CCM, some of the Elders got put in another building for the 6 weeks, and it was already sad to see them go, but I feel so welcome and know the lord definitely has a hand in that. I am already loving it and haven’t started much at all!!! Anyways, talk to you all soon! I love you all!


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