The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Saludos de Satelite

Oooooh. Spanish title! It means greetings from Satelite. 

Sorry I am writing so late today. I had a great experience in my P day today that involved a big lack of communication with my companion went to go get his residency in Guatemala. I simply had to wait for him to finish and couldn´t write you guys without him, so I went bowling, shopping, eating, and walking around for a couple of hours. Finally I can write you!

I had a pretty stupendous week here in Satelite. We just finished another transfer cycle (or “change”) and another month, which is a big landmark. Unfortunately, my companion and I still haven´t been able to fulfill our goal of helping someone to baptism, but we continue to work as hard as we possibly can to get this little city moving!

We had an excellent find this week with a man named Sergio. He and his wife have 5 boys and recently stopped going to a nearby evangelical church. We contacted him in the street and he said that he wanted us to go visit him. In the appointment, he was telling us how he was really confused with religion and didn´t understand why all the churches criticize one another and claim that they are the true church. We were right on that! We taught the message of the restoration of the gospel more powerfully than I have in my entire mission. Poor Sergio felt the spirit so strongly that he didn´t even know what to do — I think he was suffering from mild shock. When we asked him what he felt about the lesson, he said “AMAZING” and accepted a baptismal date for later this month. We will be visiting him later this week! My companion and I immediately gave a prayer of thanks that the Lord guided us right to such prepared people. 

We have been working a LOT with Raul. This little punk has been going to church for two months now and still won´t recognize several OBVIOUS answers that God has given him. This week we explained to him that if he accepted baptism and read the Book of Mormon every day, God could easily answer him because of the faith that he shows. He has been studying a lot this week, and of course his evangelical brothers have been visiting a lot as well. But we are hopefully going to help him get baptized this Saturday! He needs our prayers. 

I had a pleasant surprise this week from some of my little germ friends. They are always hanging around in our house, but this week they paid a special visit to my body. I woke up on Sunday with a pretty bad fever and headache, but of course I was too stubborn to leave my investigators behind and we went to work like normal. It went on for a couple of days, until one morning I woke up with my skin all red and my eyes hurting. I asked for a blessing from my companion, took some medicine, and acted with faith. The pains went away and I was able to continue working for three more days. Then we went to give a blessing to a sick sister who was suffering from Dengue fever. I asked about her symptoms and she told me “My eyes hurt, I have redness all over my body, a fever, and a headache.” Whoops! That sounded familiar! I had had the infamous Dengue fever and didn´t even realize it! Now I know that nothing can stop Elder See from preaching the gospel. Muahahahahahah!

On Sunday, President Stay surprised us by showing up to our branch and going to our classes with our investigators. It was really interesting, especially when he told me that he wanted to talk to my companion and I after the meetings. He pulled us aside and really surprised me by telling us that we wouldn´t be having changes (YES!) but that we would be receiving a new companion and being in a trio. Apparently the missionary was on the verge of having to go home due to stress and he is now entrusting him to me and Elder Carvalho because he thinks that we will be able to show him enough love to help him stay in the mission. His name is Elder Hernandez and we will be going to pick him up tomorrow. I am really excited for this great opportunity to serve another one of my fellow brethren. 

God has a great purpose for all of us. We each have a unique role in his plan, and we each have specific talents that He uses, and he gives us challenges to develop other talents so that we can be perfected in Christ. NEVER think that life isn´t fair — God knows exactly why. Put your trust in Him, for he that loses his life shall find it. I have found mine — have you?

With all the love in the world, 

Elder See

Shout out to Connor and Katie who are going on a mission soon!!!! WOOT! Keep up the good work, people. 


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