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Just a bit like Job


Justin got to visit the Temple.

Justin got to visit the Temple.

My letter is going to have to be a bit short this week, seeing as how there were some people who were kind enough to cause a riot near the chapel and caused an infinitely long line of traffic. Go Guatemala!

Anyways, I had a pretty stinking amazing week! And I say stinking because our toilet got clogged and some food went rotten, but whatever. I learned a very important principle this week — after great blessings come great tribulations. But we have to be like Job, who was able to say, “The Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away.”

The biggest blessing of the week was definitely a trip to the temple. It was the first time I had gone in almost an entire year, and holy cow did I miss it! It was literally better than a trip to Disneyland. And it was the first time that I entered after being truly converted to the Lord, which made it about 10 times better. I felt the Spirit so strongly and was able to receive an answer to many of my questions and doubts. If you haven´t been to the temple in a while, repent and GO!

Right after the temple we got the great opportunity to go to one of the only zoos in all of Guatemala. The trip to the zoo was highlighted with lots of planking pictures with my district and competing with all of the kids who were there on field trips. Good times. To top it all off, it was also the day that I turned 14 months old in the mission. Whoop!

This week was a great week for our companionship as well. Elder Carvalho´s training is almost over (I want to cry thinking that we might be separated in the changes on September 3rd), which means that it was his turn to become senior companion. I watched as a proud father as he stepped right up to the challenge. I´ve been amazed at how fast he learns, and we have really become best friends. Our companionship even has a logo, a motto, a theme song, a title, a meme, and much much more!

I also did divisions with a fellow Elder, Elder Pineda. He came to my area this time and I had a fun time teaching him how to really walk fast and work hard. We really started contacting this week and trying to teach with the members, and our key indicators continue to be higher than ever. 

Even after all of that hard work and love, we have continued to struggle a bit in our area. In the first couple weeks here, we definitely had a surge of success, but now it has plateaued. (Is that how you spell that word? That is SO weird…) The Lord is trying our faith, patience, and humility. In these past couple of weeks, I have managed to grow so much closer to my Savior and to our Father. I know why God gives us trials. And lots of times he just says, “You´re not doing anything wrong, you just haven´t done the right thing long enough.” That is definitely what happened to us on Sunday. My companion got really sick thanks to a small monster named Grendel crawling around inside his stomach. He couldn´t get out of bed, and we had no more minutes in our phone to be able to call people. I just kind of sat there and prayed that people would go to church. We got there, and one faithful family managed to come, but nobody else showed up. We had set a lot of baptismal dates with our investigators during the week, like Raul, Cristina, and a youth named Ryan, and various new families that we are teaching. But we´ll have to keep fighting to get it done! 

I have faith and hope that God´s blessings with come when I least expect them. I know that God watches over me and I was able to receive so many answers from Him this week. He loves us, and He talks to us. And I was able to realize how much God has changed me this week during all of those trials — I submitted my will to his, didn´t complain, and was able to bear my trials with patience. Christ makes us into who we need to be, people! 

I love everyone and all of you. I feel your prayers and your support. 

Elder See


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