The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Finding out God´s plan for us

I have come to know a sacred truth about the Gospel — God is our Father, and knows each of us in such a personal way. That means that his plan for each of us is extremely personal, and everything that happens to us in this life might be a surprise or a challenge to us, but God knows exactly what´s going on! Sometimes I feel like my memory almost breaks the veil and I know that I promised God that I would pass through everything I am passing through right now, and that I would do as best I can to support well my trials. When we feel weak, just turn to your Heavenly Father — he wants to talk to you! And it really is in the hard times that we learn the most about that plan. 

Such a big part of missionary work is helping other people to understand God´s plan for them. It is such a sacred experience to help others find that purpose in their life. As I was looking around in Church on Sunday, I was looking at all of the families who now feel like they just BELONG there and have become totally active in the church. One of my faves: the Quel family. Despite intense trials and opposition from the adversary, these little troopers show up faithfully ten minutes late to church every Sunday. And one of the 13 year old daughters, Josselin, who didn´t get baptized with the rest of the family, decided all on her own that she wanted to get baptized! She is so excited about it and shows such a special spirit that her hard hearted father, who was basically an atheist and even out right refused to come to family prayers with us, finally decided to listen to the message that was making his family so happy and is now willing to get baptized. Someday. We´´ll find out when that day is! 

Another family is the Chicol family. These big-smiling joyous people kindly invited us to a delicious lunch on Sunday, and we heard the exciting announcement that their 18 year old son, Carlos, who just a month and a half ago was inactive, is now in line to be ordained an Elder and is preparing his mission papers. And he didn´t even tell us what he was doing. Jerk! Jk. Haha. 

Our good buddy Raul continues to face opposition on all sides but is slowly but surely moving forward in the Gospel. Right now he is basically facing the decision (or at least in his eyes) of going to school and studying on Sundays or getting baptized. We planned a special class on the Sabbath Day in church on Sunday and tried to explain it as best as we could with all of the members present, but this poor kid is just filled with doubts and worries. We´re praying hard — I know he´ll get there. Hopefully we´re going to have a rocking lesson tonight! 

The Vasquez de Leon family continues to have a bunch of roosters and also a bunch of family fights (yes, an epic combo.) I feel like God sends us there 20 minutes after every single family fight that they have. They live on the edge of a giant valley wall, and this week when we got there, only the daughters were in the house. They told us that their Dad had gone down to the bottom of the valley to fix some tubes. Guided by the Spirit, we decided that we would go help him and headed down the giant hill despite the protests of their daughters. To our surprise, we discovered a small shed and I went to look inside, and WHADDYA KNOW! We found the dad, Hermano Luis, hiding inside like a little kid so that he didn´t have to talk to us, due to a recent family fight. Hehehehe! GO SPIRIT! We explained to him how ridiculous he was being and taught forgiveness. Apparently the family is doing much better now. 

I had a really sacred experience in a couple of interviews this week that has helped me to understand God´s plan for me as well. My mission president gave me some amazing counsels that came straight from heaven and penetrated my poor little heart. I was surprised at how direct the revelation was. And my branch president gave me, along with all the other elders in the branch, and amazing blessing to counsel us how to work in our respective areas. It was a literal mini patriarchal blessing, and once again, I was blown away. God knows us personally. And after doing divisions with both my district leader and my zone leader this week, I am understanding it more and more. 

With lots of charity type love, 

Elder See

Written from Mixco, Guatemala


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