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From the Parent of a Missionary

Week of DOOM!!

Not really. It was a normal week. But I always like to make the titles exciting!

I’d like to focus my email on a couple of spiritual experiences I had this week, and how my investigators are going. Sound new? Not really. Oh well. 

First off, the thing I learned this week is what it really means to “pray always”. We don’t have to be constantly on our knees or praying with our eyes closed, but we can constantly pray in our heart. Try this one of these days: say your morning prayer, but never say amen. Keep the prayer going throughout the whole day and make all of your actions part of your prayer to God. It tends to change your attitude a bit. And we don’t really pray always until we can do that every day of our lives. Can you imagine? 

Cool story! We had an appointment with a friend of my Maria Gonzalez, one of our recent converts. The friend didn’t show up, so we stuck around to do a lesson with Maria. Turns out that her family had just had a huge crisis and her dad was in jail for abusing her mom. She tearfully described all of the problems her family was having, and I did all I knew how to do: “Let’s pray.” We all got on our knees and we said a powerful prayer, asking God to help each member of her family by name. We all felt the Spirit and sat back down, sure that God would answer our plea. Less than two minutes later, the phone rang — it was the city hall, telling her to come pick up her dad because they were going to let him out of jail. Let that settle in. 

Another spiritual experience. In our weekly planning session, I felt impressed to call one of our investigators, Zoila from Los Olivos, to see how she was doing and check if she was saying her prayers. She answered the phone and said, “Hey! I was just thinking about you guys!” “Why?” “Because I had a dream last night where a woman came up to me and said that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that it’s all true now!” I was kind of speechless and filled with joy as I watched how God can change the lives of these people. We immediately set an appointment and went a couple of days later, and set a goal for her baptism. She is sure that she wants to do it, but hasn’t decided on a day yet. We’ll see how that goes!

I also went on divisions with my zone leader, Elder Maxfield. I got to go to another area, Linda Vista Chiquimula, and see how to work a little better. I was absolutely shocked as the Lord put prepared people right in our path. We went with one investigator who in the second appointment had already read his pamphlet and had questions, and we committed him and his wife to baptism. Then we went with another investigator who had also read what the Elders had left him, had decided to completely change his life, gave up his life as a drug criminal, and then had a dream where he was in the church surrounded by happy people, and knew that he wanted to be there. He made all of those changes in about 3 days, and wants to get baptized. In the lesson, I was talking about baptism, and all of the sudden he interrupted me and said, “You know what? Right now I feel happier than I have ever felt in my entire life.” Yah. That was cool. Then, as we were walking to go to a baptismal interview, and member ran us down and said, “Elders! I have reference for you!” She had been talking to one of her friends and was telling her about the Book of Mormon. We set an appointment and then ran to my first ever baptismal interview, and boy named Josè who is getting baptized this week. And to top it all off, I had a delicious dinner afterwards. 

After that spiritual high, I returned to Ipala ready to work and whip people into shape. I set new goals with my companion, and realized that with only 2 more weeks in this area, I’M NOT READY TO LEAVE YET! I feel like I haven’t done enough here. So we’ve raised our energy levels and started “Plan 60” to get the branch to 60 active members before I go, and leave the area with four baptismal dates. 

We also had an interesting day with Rolando. I told him that I was leaving in two weeks, and he basically told me, “Well, in that case you can baptize me so that you can be happy when you leave here.” I was like, WHAT?!!! He’s taking it as a joke right now just because he is a good friend with me, but he is “getting ready” to get baptized on June 8th. Now we just need to get him to take it seriously, because he still has a lot of problems with the church. 

Well, I hope you can keep track of all that. And there’s more, but I’ll have to talk next week. Have a great week, may the Spirit be with you and the peace that Christ brings. The Church is true, and more people come to know that every day. 


Elder See


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