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From the Parent of a Missionary

Mother’s Day

I had a pretty wonderful week this week. 

The Lord continues to try me. I know he wants me to get better and a lot of times I fall short of his expectations. I know I could do better, but we’ve been doing so much good so far!

We spent a huge amount of time this week planning for our infamous branch Mother’s Day activity! After planning activities, shopping, and cooking 150 tostadas, (yah, we do EVERYTHING here) we were excitingly waiting for the 25 or so mothers that we invited to the activity. Just then, it started to rain, and rain in Guatemala basically means that no one leaves because it rains hard and everyone walks places. We had a brief moment of despair when we thought that no one would be coming, but then watched as several faithful mothers showed up ready to have some fun. My companion and I dressed up as waiters and urged and directed the people to play musical chairs and jeopardy, and then served them all food. It was a great little activity despite the rain and great attendance, and I feel like the branch is really growing in friendships and love. 🙂

We continue to have challenges with our investigators as well. We visited Rolando with my favorite senior missionary couple, the Sparks, and despite a very spiritual talk on eternal families, he still doesn’t want to accept a baptismal date. Vilma got really sick this week and her husband, Juan, is desperate without a job and money to help her. We are trying hard to help their family and let them see how much the Gospel can bring them joy in their lives. The Lord continues to help us find new people to teach and I continue to try to humble myself and be the servant the Lord needs me to be so that these people can get baptized. It’s hard sometimes!

Of course the highlight of the week was my phone call home. After a lot of technical issues, including a broken camera, broken speakers, and a lack of internet, I finally got my first ever Skype call through and had a great talk with the Fam. Love you guys! The call really motivated me to work harder, rather than get all “trunky” (I still don’t know how you knew that word, Dad.) 

I love being a missionary!!!!!

Elder See



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This entry was posted on May 13, 2013 by in From the Missionary.
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