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From the Parent of a Missionary

A Series of Unfortunate Events

First unfortunate event: My email is going to have to be a bit shorter this week, because we’re running behind.

Second unfortunate event: we’re running behind because today is my last day with Elder Jimenez, because he is leaving Ipala!

Yup, that’s right. My companion is leaving me. 😦 I really learned a lot from Elder Jimenez. He has an interesting teaching style and I had to work hard to get used to his personality. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how a person is; it’s always a decision to not like someone. You can make essentially any relationship work. And even though we weren’t the best of buds, we made things work out and we did a lot of good in Ipala together. I’m kind of sad we only got one change together, but he’s really happy to leave Ipala after being here for 5 months. I will get my new companion tomorrow, when I have to travel 4 hours to the capital to go to the change meeting and meet him. Yay!

That’s pretty much the biggest news for this week. A couple of other fun facts: I just got back from a district trip to a nearby waterfall in Zacapa, Guatemala. It was a really cool waterfall, and the water was full of sulfur from a nearby volcano, which meant the water was brown and stunk like horrible farts. Yum! It was a pretty perilous hike — good old Guatemalans don’t really make official trails to public sites like waterfalls or caves. You just kind of go there.

A lot of our investigators are really moving along this week. We found one investigator who is the judge of a nearby town, San Luis, and is probably one of the richest guys in the whole city. We found him almost out of pure luck (or was it the SPIRIT??!!) and apparently about two years ago he was on the point of getting baptized. The only problem is that to teach him, we have to go to his court when he was free time. So more on him in the future.

My two faithful investigators, Maria and Axel, are progressing as well. They are reading the Book of Mormon and still searching for an answer to their prayers, but I know they will get it someday.

Another family we are teaching, Juan and Vilma, are doing great! They made the decision to get married and accepted a baptismal date for the 3rd of March. Of course, saying it is a lot easier than doing it, but everything is possible through God! They learn a lot during the lessons and Juan apparently read the entire Book of Mormon a couple of years ago. I’m not sure how much he remembers, but I know that God can answer him and tell him that it’s true.

We had another small miracle happen this week. We traveled to an outlying town called Agua Blanca, where we knew that an inactive family lived. Elder Jimenez had gone to visit them once before in their store there, but when we got there they weren’t there. We asked for direction to their house and started walking. As we were walking past a pizza restaurant, some people waved us over and asked us if we were Mormons. We told them yes, and started explaining a bit, but then they started laughing and said they were Mormons too, and it was the same family we had been looking for. They invited us to pizza and everything. The Lord guided us right to them — I hope they can come back to the church now.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. It’s impossible to tell everything, of course, but I don’t want to bore you with the small details!


Elder See


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