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The week of DOOOOM!

Jk. No doom involved here. Just a lot of good times!

I had a whole lot to do and learn this week. Between teaching district class on Monday, being senior companion for two days in divisions, giving a talk in church, teaching Sunday school, directing presidency meeting, a devotional, zone conference, and much more, this week was filled with responsibility and therefor went by really fast.

Like I said, I did divisions this week with Elder Corrales, an Elder from Honduras. He is actually the ex-companion of my ex companion, Elder Torres, so I had already heard a lot about him before hand and knew what to expect a bit. I really put him to work the two days we were together. I think he was expecting a couple of days of relaxing with me, a relatively new missionary, so he was a little bit mad at me most of the time. But now we get along swimmingly thanks to a nice talk we had about obedience in the mission. He still doesn’t want to be too obedient, but he respect my desire to be obedient and get blessings from the Lord. So that was a nice experience.

The highlight of the week came on Thursday, when Elder Christofferson, one of the twelve apostles, came to visit the Guatemalan missionaries. There was a combined devotional with the south, north, and central missions. Unfortunately, only missionaries in the capital got to attend and I had to watch it via satellite, but it was still really awesome. Elder Christofferson speaks Spanish really well thanks to his mission in Argentina and he gave a great talk about what it really means to preach repentance. My favorite part was when he said, “I bless you that in the upcoming weeks, each of you will be able to have some sort of manifestation that God loves you, knows you, and wants the best for you, whether it be in an event, dream, or some sort of feeling.” Whoah! I’m waiting pretty anxiously for that moment.

To top off the fireside, we had zone conference the next day and learned some great lessons from our mission parents, President and Sister Stay. I love zone conference because it’s a time to really reflect on what kind of missionary I am and what kind of missionary I want to be. I realized that I have gotten into a rut of teaching the same kind of lesson to everyone, and I really need to break out of it and become a better teacher, inviting the spirit and helping investigators recognize that it’s there.

I have a couple of great stories to share as well. Friday night we had planned an activity in the chapel where we were going to turn out all the lights and doing a treasure hunt in the dark. (ooooooh) When we got there, there was a little paper stuck to the door telling us that our electricity bill hadn’t been paid. The lights were cut! I really recognized the Lord’s hand in inspiring us to do a lesson with flashlights, and we actually had a really cool activity teaching and searching with flashlights.

The other cool experience happened thanks to some new investigators we found this week, Axel and Maria. Actually, they found us really. They showed up to church on Sunday and asked us to visit them. It turns out that they live in one of the little towns outside of Ipala, about an hour away. One of their friends from the US told them to go to our church, and seeing as how they had been praying to find the true church, they decided to check it out. They loved church, so we drove out to visit them. We had a great first lesson, and I have no doubt that they just started their road to baptism and joining the true church!

The rest of the story comes after our appointment with them. Since we were in a tiny town, the last buses left at 5. When we finished the lesson, I looked at my watch and it was already 4:45, and we were a ways away from the bus stop. We started running to the bus stop when one of the Guatemalan excuses for a taxi, called a Tuk-Tuk (I’ll have to send a picture someday, they’re little 3 wheeled car scooters) passed and we hopped in. When we got to the bus stop, the bus had already left, but the taxi driver decided to turn the corner to see if we could catch it. When we turned into the next street, there was the bus, about a quarter mile ahead of us. The taxi driver switched into movie mode and the chase began. We zoomed down the tiny narrow street, honking at pedestrians and bikes to get out of the way. We could see the bus there in front of us, going slowly and picking up people. Right when we were about to catch it, it turned a corner and we lost sight. The driver decided to take another route to see if we could cut it off, and right as we were pulling up to another road, the bus passed by. I thought all hope was lost, but we started honking and waving and the bus bulled to a stop about 100 feet in front of us. It was a close as it could have possibly gotten, and if we hadn’t have made it, we would have been stuck in the town. Good times in the mission.

I love you all and I hope you had a great week. As I continue to really study the scriptures, my testimony and my conversion become stronger and deeper. I know this church is true with my mind AND my heart, and I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost daily, making me happier in the sad times and guiding me to help others. This is the Lord’s work.

Elder See


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