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From the Parent of a Missionary

Only 40 Minutes, but it was wonderful

This was the first Christmas ever in the See family that we were not all together, and unfortunately, I believe we will never be all together ever again. Justin is on his mission for the next two years, after which Connor will be gone on his mission, then Savannah leaves very soon after he gets back while I am sure that Justin will be married. My family is starting to move on. That is as it should be, but it is with a very heavy heart that I begin to face the reality. There are times when you stop to see what is going on when you realize that it is all going on much too fast.

So, this Christmas our family celebrated early with a holiday dinner and all the family stuff on Christmas Eve, leaving Christmas day to just the See’s, or those that are home. We open presents in the morning, though I felt very sick (I caught something from Daxton) and had a wonderful morning together. I then retired to bed for the day to rest and try to get better and wait. I was waiting for my one Christmas present. I only needed one. We were going to get a call from Justin. We all waited for 3 PM to roll around and watched the phone. That is the time he said he would call. I just laid in bed, patiently, … waiting. 4 PM and still no call. Still waiting. Christmas was late and no idea when it would come. Had my phone on my chest while I laid in bed,….waiting. Justin told me he was going to call my cell phone collect and then I was to call him back. I just laid there, ….. waiting. 5 PM, no call yet. Still waiting. What the heck, does he not know we are waiting for him?

Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you? Why have you gone aaaaa waaaa aaaa aaa aaa aaa aaayy.

5:05 and the phone rings. Scared me to death like I was not expecting it. “We have a phone call!!!!!” I yelled from the bedroom. I answer and it is my son. He quickly gives me the phone number he is at so we can call him back. He asks me to give him 10 minutes. I run down stairs and tell the family and the energy immediately run high with excitement. I get the computer set up, get Skype running, make sure we have money in the Skype account and then wait for the 10 minutes to pass.

Oh how very wonderful to hear his voice!! He had a Spanish accent to his English. Little inflections in the tone as his sentences danced up and down. Very cute. He was surprised to hear he had an accent. Not only does he speak Spanish with a gringo accent, but he speak Spanish with a Guatemalan accent. Very funny.

So we had 40 minutes. I thought that was a long time until we looked at the clock and we had 10 minutes left. Where did the time go!!! Just really good to hear him, hear his spirit, his love of the work, his love of Guatemala and the people, his love for his Savior. My water table was very high as we started the call, and was even higher after it was over. It had been 6 months ago that I embraced him on the curb of the MTC and it will now be another 6 months until our next conversation on Mother’s day.

My heart hurt to say good bye, but my joy is full to know how well he is doing and that he is loving the work. Oh how great to hear him even if he was two hours late.


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This entry was posted on December 25, 2012 by in From the Parents.
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