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Taco Bell is Gourmet

So, where does he eat if he eats out? Taco Bell. All that way and he goes to Taco Bell. At least he says it is better than Taco Bell in the states.

Helloooo everyone! I hope you all had a great week, because I know that I did! It all started out with a Baja Chalupa at Taco Bell. Gets me every time. But that was just the beginning.

First of all, I started crying (in front of other people) for the first time since my farewell. And don’t worry – it was because of the spirit. Like I said in my last email, a family in the ward said Goodbye to their grandpa this week, and we visited them again on Tuesday. I don’t know if any of you remember the talk “Sunday Will Come” by Elder Wirthlin, but it’s amazing. We shared the message with the family and I felt the spirit so strongly! And of course, my automatic spirit detector activated and tears came to my eyes. Luckily the whole family was crying as well, so that kind of covered it.

We also hit a landmark in working with the members here. People never invite us to eat or to go on divisions with us, so we decided to pass around a list in Priesthood on Sunday. This week we went out on divisions almost every day (meaning I go with one member, Elder Torres with another, so we can do two appointments at once). It was a little more pressure on me since I had to take the lead, but it went great. And now we are really working with members and teaching in their homes, which is so important in missionary work.

I also had my first zone conference this week, and I am going to be looking forward to them from now on. Every change cycle we have either interviews with the president or a zone conference, so I see the Pres. at least once every 6 weeks. And not only did we eat amazing catered food (and I had bacon for the first time since the Provo MTC!), but I was filled spiritually. I have a lot of respect for Pres. Stay, and I know that he is an inspired man. I realized that I am most likely going to be coming home on the same plane with him, seeing as how we will be released at the same time, so I hope I can develop a good relationship with him.

This week we had several small miracles with our investigators. We had a scheduled chapel tour with Eduardo Tiulcal, but we called and called and he wouldn’t answer. And the gate to his house was closed. So we decided to go to the chapel to see if he was there. Turns out that he had gotten to the chapel 10 minutes early and was sitting there talking with the Bishop. I was pretty happy about that. We had a great tour and lesson, all with the bishop there, and a scheduled baptism on the 24th. We’ll see how it goes!

After that small miracle, it was late and we had nothing to do, but still an hour to go to returning home. Elder Torres decided to play soccer with the youth (who play every Thursday) but I wanted to go work. So I sat there and prayed to know how I could work. I opened my scriptures and started reading, and all of the sudden I saw a man shaking hands with the youth sitting near me. Turns out that it was Ruben! He told me that he had prayed for help from God and decided to take a walk, and then saw that the gate to the chapel was open, and there I was with my scriptures open. I started to teach him from the scripture that I had just barely read, which applied perfectly. Wow. He ended up coming to church on Sunday and participated a lot in the classes. After church we went to teach him, and it was the happiest lesson I have ever had. He told us that he had decided to change and had thrown out all of his drugs and beer. He had been reading the Gospel Principles manual that we had just given him in church, and when we asked him what he would give up to receive blessing from God, he said “All my drugs, beer, and the friends I do them with.” Now he just has to last 21 days drug free so he can be baptized on the 24th! Aaagh!

We also committed two more investigators to baptism this week – One is Selvin, the boyfriend of a member who we have been trying to teach but is always working. We had a great FHE with him and his girlfriend’s family and he wants to marry her and then get baptized. And we commited the Jimenes family as well, a reference we got this week.

And one funny story. I ate pig head soup this week… It didn’t taste bad, but I had a hard time not thinking that all of the chunks I was eating were parts of ear, brain, nose, etc.

Well, I can’t write but the 100th part of my adventures as a missionary, but I want to share a scripture that I found. In D&C 138:56, we learn that those who have the priesthood in these latter days received their first priesthood lessons in the Pre Mortal world. I truly have seen the Lord’s Hand preparing me all my life for my mission, but now I know that he was helping me even before this world. I hope that all of us priesthood holders can rise to the challenge and to our responsibility, especially with the recent change in missionary age. If all the Sisters are going on missionaries, we have no excuses!

The Church is true.

Elder See


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