The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

October 1, 2012


Companions in the mountain jungles of Guatemala

Sigh. I never leave enough time for this email, but I hope you can enjoy it. And for some dumb reason my camera isn’t importing photos at the moment, and my photos didn’t send last week… sorry.In short, I had my first baptism last week, with our investigator Josseline. She got married on the 15th and baptized on the 22nd. Her husband Alex baptized her, and they are now living very happily. I am sure they will raise a strong family in the Gospel and they are going to get sealed in a year.

Unfortunately this wasn’t a very good week for a lot of our investigators. Ruben, who we thought was golden, took a turn for the worse. We found out he does pot, which was nice. And he stopped coming to church as well. But we are going to keep trying with him. And Kimberly, the girl who wanted to get baptized and is part of a less active family, decided to stop listening to us for some reason. Please keep them in your prayers.

On the other hand, we found several new people to teach this week. We found a 15 year old, Denis, who came with us to church. He told us that he had never been impressed by another preacher or teacher like we had impressed him, and that he wants to serve a mission like us. He’s on the fast track to baptism. And another investigator, Eluvia, is going through the legal steps right now so that she can be baptized. We find more and more people every week.

We had our first experience with someone who didn’t believe in Jesus the other day. The people here are amazingly religious and humble – nearly everyone recognizes God in every little thing, and we have no problem talking about religion. But this guy, Rigoberto, was a deist, which basically means that God created the world and then left it to work on its own. He is a very logical thinker, like me, and I was able to connect with him very easily and teach him. He started out completely skeptical, and ended up willing to pray and read. That showed me that different missionaries are called for different people.

In other news, I did divisions, changes are tomorrow (so I might get a new companion) and I had a nice experience with a possessed guy. And my testimony of the church grows every single day. I’m learning more about the Book of Mormon reading it in Spanish than I ever did learning it in English, because I’m really studying, not just reading.

Read your scriptures, say your prayers, write in your journal, have FHE, and go to the temple. That about sums it up.

Elder See


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