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Say Your Prayers, Go To Church

This week was pretty crazy!

Took this picture at the Provo Temple. Awesome shot.

I had my first experience with real crime this week. (Comment from Dad: I don’t think I remembered to tell Justin to edit himself so as not to worry his parents or grandparnets.) There was a series of murders on a side street right near my house. The next day the whole town marched down the streets with the coffins and such, wailing and moaning on their way to the graveyard. That was really… interesting. They caught the murderers, though!I also had my first zone meeting this week. It was fun to see all the missionaries gathered together, and our ZLs, Elder McNabb and Elder Arce, and great missionaries. I learned a lot at the meeting. We are starting a new program with the members, where we committ them to invite a family to their house for an FHE. We show up and share a really short lesson, but otherwise just enjoy the evening with the families, and then we invite them to church. It should work really well, and get the members excited to do missionary work.

Another thing I have learned this week is that people here get offended way to easily. I have met several investigators and less actives who left for the weirdest reasons. One person got served last at a ward party, and because of it never went back to church. One investigator’s son is a member, and his son didn’t wave at him one day on the bus, so he stopped going to church. And another investigator said that her daughter-in-law was a member and she wasn’t a very good example – if she had taken upon her the baptismal covenant, why did she have hate in her heart? HELLO! People in the catholic church aren’t perfect either… Remember, we go to church for God, not for the members.

We found a less active family in our contacting this week, and one of the daughters wants to get baptized, even though the parents want nothing to do with us. If she follows through, she will be baptized on the 29th. I have really seen the Lord guiding us to people ready to receive our message this week.

Jocelyn is getting married this Saturday. The elders quorum threw a little bachelor’s party for her fiance, Alex Hernandez. That was great.

Unfortunately, we have also had a couple of rejections this week. 16 year old Luis told us he no longer wants to be batpized – I think his friends peer pressured him out of it. And we have met a lot of interesting people in the street who talk on and on and on and on about what they think is right and never let us talk. There are a lot of people like that here. Jehovah’s witnesses are especially interesting to talk to. They won’t even accept passalong cards from us.

The city center piece

I took that picture from El Manzano street. Our house is on the other side, in El Pajon. There’s a stoplight in the center of town and we live kind of close to that.

Other than that, the spanish is getting better every day. I still can’t say things the way I would like to, and I’m lost some of the time. But hey, it’s my third week and I can already understand pretty well. I am grateful for the Lord’s blessings. I really have seen his hand in getting me here, and I know this is what I am supposed to be doing.

I`ll try to send more pictures next week! Have a great life, read you sciptures, say your prayers, go to church.

Elder See


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