The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Houston, we have pictures!

Elder See walks down this "street" to his house.

Elder See walks down this “street” to his house.

The days have gone by so fast, and so has my internet time. I sent a series of photos that I hope you can enjoy. I`ll try to update you as best I can on the situation here.

First of all, the culture here is a lot different. Everyone lives in little homes with tin roofs and cement floors and very little furniture. Most families share a bed or two. There are definetely poorer and richer people here, though. The branch president has a very nice home comparable to a small house in the U.S.The food is actually really good. We have a sister, Hermana Josefina, who cooks breakfast and lunch for us, and she does a really good job. I have tried a lot of new things, and have liked it all. We have eggs and beans pretty much every day for breakfast, and lunch varies. I had my first real tamale the other day, and boy, it was good. There has only been one meal I had to choke down; lunch meat and ketchup sandwiches. They use ketchup for everthing here. We usually just grab a snack for dinner, or one of the members gives us something if we are lucky. Dinner really isn`t that important anymore, to be honest.

The weather is kind of bizarre. It’s nearing the end of the rainy season. It rains about every other day, right around 2:00, and it rains really hard. That means there is almost always mud in places. And the clouds are really low for some reason. A couple times a week the clouds will just float right down to the ground and make a thick fog. But the good news is is that it isn’t too hot or too cold – the land of Eternal Spring. Elder Torres keeps saying he is dying of cold since he is from Mexico, but it is nothing. The people here say that it gets cold in December, but none of them have ever seen snow, so we’ll see how it is.

The transportation is kind of fun. There are tons of buses here. They all look just like school buses, but painted various colors. And they are crazy! The drivers do whatever they can to go as fast as they can, even if it means going head on into traffic or whatever. And they are usually packed with people. But we hardly ever use them. We just walk EVERWHERE. My legs will be strong.

There is this one road we have to walk down all the time that has a dead dog on the side of it. It has been there for about a week now, and every day the smell gets worse as the body decomposes. We have started to just run past it with our nose plugged. Also, it is rare for people to get married here. I’d say that at least half or more of couples just live together, and have 4 or 5 kids. So that makes teaching the Law of Chastity fun.

As for our investigators: right now we have two with a baptismal date. One is Jocelyn, the girlfriend of a member, Alex. They are getting married on the 15th and baptized on the 22nd. The story of how they met is amazing – They are a match made in heaven. And Jocelyn is a golden contact if I ever saw one. She knows more about the lessons than most members do, and already has the goal of getting sealed a year after baptism.

The other investigator with a date is Luis Sacrab, a 16 year old boy. His mom and sisters just got baptized by the missionaries before us. He has just taken a little longer to make up his mind. We visit him a lot and try to invite him to activities and such. But we just found out that he doesn’t want to get baptized in front of other people. He’s nervous or something…. That should be interesting. He said he would prepare for the 22nd as well.

We are teaching 4 other families right now, but we haven’t gotten very far in the lessons or anything. We’ll see if any of them accept baptism.

Other than that, we have been doing a lot of contacting and walking around, trying to find people to teach.


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