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4 Days to the Field

Tikal in the mountain of Guatemala

Tikal in the mountain of Guatemala

I had a really busy and crazy week — I hope I can fit it all in with my short time left. To start it off, I have been studying and learning like crazy this week. We have had lots of personal study time, and I have been working on my comprehensive map of the plan of salvation, which currently takes up 6 pages with very small text and amazing drawings. The president ended up seeing it and asked for a copy of it, along with my Book of Mormon timeline. Once I have it done I am going to get him another copy, and then I will ask for one so I can send it home. Also, on Sunday one of the counselors in the Mission Presidency led our priesthood class, and did a little quiz on the rules for priesthood ordinances. It was 8 questions, none of which were too hard. I had to guess on a couple. After we took the quiz, Elder Drake (the counselor) said that if anyone got them all right, they would get a huge prize because he had given the quiz hundreds of times and no one had ever gotten them all. Well, I got them all. And the huge prize was a package of cookies worth about 12 cents. But that was pretty cool.

I also had the opportunity to go proselyting again on Tuesday. This time we went to a really rich area of the city, and it was really interesting. Because of the crime here everyone has high walls and barb wire around their houses in the rich areas, and you ring the doorbell through an intercom. The servant of the house usually answers, and then they just say they are busy and have no time. So we never got into any houses or even got to talk face to face to anyone. And because Elder Peña and I can´t really speak Spanish, we had lots of interesting street contacts. But we met so many people who already had experience with the gospel and were prepared to hear our message. I am so grateful to be here in a country with a lot of faithful member.

I want to close with a scripture in Moses 6:31, which is now my theme scripture for the mission. Enoch is my new model. Have a great week!


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