The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Week 7

My mom tells me that this is week 7, but I can hardly believe it. It feels like I´ve been gone for at least 6 months. JK… jk. Time has flown by here, and I can´t believe I am almost to the field!

This week was quite eventful. In the CCM there are three groups: the old Nortes, the new Nortes, and the Latinos. Every three weeks the Old nortes and the Latinos go out to the field, and us new nortes become the veterans, and we welcome all of the newbies to the CCM. The day that everyone leaves, however, we get to go out to the city for a bus tour. It was very interesting; we learned about the history of the city, how the street system works, etc. Our first stop was at a giant 3D cement map of Guatemala that was created by a couple of engineers.

We stood on a tower overlooking the map and President Nicolaysen talked about Book of Mormon history and possible locations within Guatemala. Since I had just finished making a timeline of the Book of Mormon, I was familiar with everything he was talking about, and it was a very interesting tour. After the map, we went to a market in downtown, right at the heart of the city. I bought a very native hoodie, and now I feel really cool. I also got some amazing scripture cases that I hope I will be able to send pictures of. It was kind of fun bartering and seeing how different shopping is here. After the market we went out into the public square, where the “white house” of Guatemala is. There was a preacher on a microphone and he started pointing and yelling at us, so that was great.

I had a good time welcoming the newbies to the CCM. I am going to miss my old latino roommates. The new ones just don’t compare. Another funny thing is that out of my district, I am the only Elder without an assignment. We have the Assistant to the President, Zone Leader; District Leader, coordinating sister, and music directors. That is pretty great. Another important thing: all of the elders in my district got the runs this week. They’re really fun.

I wanted to finish with a scripture. I have been kind of missing Avatar and the legend of Korra, and then I read the joseph smith translataion of Gen. 14, and I found out that if you are a high priest you can be the avatar anyways. Try looking it up! Have a great week everyone!


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