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Too Many Letters!

So we have found out a few things about living at the CCM (Guatemalan MTC). The first is that they do not have many computers and each Elder is assigned a time slot on their P-Day to read and write email. The second is that they have a computer monitor the hovers over you to get off the computer when your time is up. Too many Elders, not enough computers.That causes a major issue for each Elder, how do they read all the email and respond to it in just 30 minutes. I believe it is only an issue while they are in the CCM, but once they leave, they have the issue of just trying to find a computer.  I just wish I could have used a computer in 1983, would have made my letters home more frequent….. I think.

This weeks email has been edited together from several emails that Justin sent home since we all wrote him. Next week, we will write one email, but have sections from each person. Maybe that will work better.

From Justin: Phew. Lots of email to respond to. Mom, please try to send one a week because I just don’t have time to read everything. This will be a nice, short email. First of all, to all of those people writing me letters, you may want to use DearElder. The mail system is really slow here and I don’t have time to email everyone. I just got a letter two days ago that was sent on the 12th, so that’s great. I will take just as long to reply. Dear Elder is much faster.

This was a big week for my missionary experience because I had my first chance to go proselyting! On Monday, Elder Peña and I walked around the nearby temple and contacted people, and then on Tuesday, I got assigned to a Latino companion and we went out into the city to knock doors. Being out in the city was weird, because I saw how differently people live here. I didn’t realize the houses were even houses when I looked at them. At most of the doors we just got straight up rejected, so we did a lot of street contacting and we placed three Books of Mormon.

It’s amazing how many people have already heard of the Gospel and are prepared to receive our message. That

was a really cool experience, and even though I only understood about half of what people were saying, I had plenty of opportunities to bear my testimony and share the Gospel. At least people can understand me.

In other news, I got a mandatory haircut that got my hair shorter than it has been for years. I started making a giant and extremely detailed map of the plan of salvation for fun, and the lessons with my “investigators” are going really well. During one lesson with Samuel, we asked if he would be baptized and he said, “what day?” Off the top of my head I said August 18. It turns out that that is the Saturday before we leave, the ideal date for his baptism. Little things like that have been happening all over here.

I hope you are all having a good life at home!

From another email Justin sent to Janine:

Justin’s first companion, Elder Diego Peña from Provo, Utah.

I guess I can just reply to some of your questions right here then! (Janine had plotted to be online at the same time he was writing is email. She was trying to have an online conversation, like internet chat but through email) First things first, my companion’s name is Diego Peña IV and he is from Provo. Sorry I didn’t have time to answer everything last time; there is a teacher hovering over us and there are more people waiting to use the computers right at the 30 minute mark. I kind of hate it. Email is one of the most stressful times of the week. And no, I haven’t met my mission president yet. I don’t think I will see him until the field.The CCM president, Pres. Nicolaysen, is really cool though. He was an announcer for the Equestrian Park in Riverton, so he has one of the coolest voices I have ever heard. And he is a really great guy. I get to go the the temple every week here. It´s one of the small temples, so the endowment room is only about 3 rows with a 20 person capacity. It brings a unique spirit to the temple. And I can look out my room window and see it lit up every night; it’s very nice having a temple next door.

I can’t believe all the car trouble going on at home, on top of the busted water heater! I guess it’s a sign that we need to forsake all technology or something, which I’m pretty sure I will be doing anyways. Besides, I feel like I’m going to die whenever I drive here — the people are insane.

A couple other emails came in as well to Dad and Connor, mentioning things like having some really great Guacamole, and not eating any Mangoes yet. That was all for this week. Seems he is in the routine of the CCM and studying the scriptures an aweful lot; building a timeline of the Book of Mormon and a detailed chart of the Plan of Salvation? I remember not having enough time for that because we were studying Korean all the time. But Justin is so smart, maybe he is doing that too.

Until next week, thanks for reading!


4 comments on “Too Many Letters!

  1. Shannon Turner
    July 28, 2012

    Thank you for posting these Dan. My son will return home in 9 days!

    • Dan See
      July 30, 2012

      Remind me where he went, if I every knew that.

  2. Bronte Bringhurst
    July 29, 2012

    Justin seems to be doing amazingly! Thanks for the posts.

  3. Paul Barlow
    August 20, 2012

    Just heard you were called to Guatemala. Have a great mission! Dr. Barlow

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