The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Elder Seeeeeeee!

Justin will be buying food in the open air markets.

I have had a great couple of weeks here at the Guatemalan MTC (or CCM). First off, my Spanish has become phenomenally better because I am constantly speaking with Latino elders at mealtimes and I do practice lessons with them every night. It’s kind of funny, because I am now one of the “Norte” Elders because I’m from north America, and they are all the Latino Elders.And because my Last name is See, which sort of translates to Sí (yes.) Because of this, I have become a bit of a celebrity. Every Latino Elder I walk by yells “Elder SEEEEEEEEE!” even though I have no idea what their name is. And the puns on my last name are never ending. So that’s really fun.

My district and companion are going great. There are three other elders in my district, Elder Peña, my companion, and Elders Haertel and Amparan. There are four Sisters as well, Hermanas Shumacker, Canfield, Elickson, and Kistner. We are all very sarcastic people, so that works out great humor wise. And our teachers, Hermana Chavez and Hermano Mendez, are both great teachers, even though their English needs some work.

This week I finished a timeline of the Book of Mormon. I already re-read the whole thing. My timeline is 7 pages long and contains all the major events from every chapter in the Book of Mormon. That is what you do for fun in the mission field! I also mapped out all 6 dispensations in history. Good times. I wanted to start a weekly scripture home, so mine is: Zechariah 5:1. Look it up. Talk to you next week!


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