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A Bit of Explanation

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Some of the colors of Guatemala as seen by “thirdeyemom.” Click to see her blog post.

I have to put in something for this week, just so everyone does not thing that Justin failed to write home, as that would not be like him. I do expect him to not wirte home a few times during his mission, but not because he forgot to write. The reason will fall into the category of too busy due to serving a member, or helping in an earthquake, or “there are no internet cafes in my town.” The last one means he will be writing home and then we will get them several weeks later than hoped for. That will not make any of us happy, especially his mom, but it will be the nature of the work.You do not see an email from Justin this week due to technical problems. In his own words; “Well, I had about 5 minutes left (in his allotted computer time) and my computer freaked out and deleted everything. I had a nice, long, thought out message with answers to all the questions, but it´s all gone now…. (choking down tears.) Things here are going great. I live with the latinos now, so I´m constantly having conversations in spanish and comprehension is coming to me quickly. I have really been blessed with the gift of tongues. My district is great, and I´m getting along well with my companion. This week I started making a timeline of the book of mormon. So far, I´ve filled up 3 pages and I´m only in Alma. It´s going to be pretty sweet. Well, out of time, sorry. BYE!”As you can imagine, waiting all week to hear from your son and you get a quick paragraph. I think that goes back to my reason post, “Turn About is Fair Play.” My mother would have to confirm this, but I tend to think that I was very, ……. very, very bad at writing home. Mother, I apologize for all the weeks I did not write home. That was not kind. It seems to have set a pattern for our lives though, cause I still think that we do not call enough. Perhaps I should stop writing this post and call home.


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