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The Eagle has Landed

Guatemala City at night as Justin would have seen it from the plane

One of the worries you always have as a parent… did my kids get there OK? Of course the child never thinks to contact you right away, so you wait. Thankfully, Justin took the first opportunity he was given to let us know he was safe, though it was almost 24 hours after he was on the ground. I am sure that is because of his schedule.

A quick email from the CCM (Guatemalan MTC) let us know the escapades of the first few hours in the country: “The flight to Guatemala was only about three hours. I got to see a breathtaking sunset while we were still up in the clouds, and then I got to see Guatemala City from the air at night. It´s actually a really big city, and is nestled up in the mountains. After we landed, we went through immigration and customs. “

“I stepped out of the airport right into my first Guatemalan rainstorm. It rains just about everyday here, for most of the afternoon. That will change once the dry season comes around, but for now I´m going to have to figure out how to stay dry. It´s really humid as well, but luckily it doesn’t get to hot because of the constant cloud cover and rain. My thoughts about that will probably change once I am out proselyting, but we´ll see. “

“After the airport we got on a bus to the CCM (MTC in spanish) where we met a lot of native spanish speaking Elders. I am already good friends with a couple of them, even though our conversations struggle quite a bit. The good thing is that I can understand a good bit of what they are saying; I just need to learn some slang and be able to talk back to them.”

“My new companion is Elder Peña. (Ooooh, Spanish keyboard!!! ñ ¡ ¿) He is a football player from Provo, so we had no problem connecting. I’m not sure how the companionship will turn out yet, but I’m with him for 6 weeks until I leave for the field. There are two other Elders and four Hermanas in my district, all of them native English speakers. ”

From the two meals I had, I can already tell that I will love every single second of meal time. Every meal has been the quality of a good restaurant, almost to the level of something like Olive Garden. I feel bad for all those missionaries who are stuck back at the MTC cafeteria! ”

He has P-Day on Saturday’s now, so we know when to expect his emails. As a parent, I am glad he is safe.


One comment on “The Eagle has Landed

  1. Shannon Turner
    July 12, 2012

    Dan – I’m glad he made it safe and sound. You are going to love reading his emails every week and see how he grows as a man and in the gospel. Also, take the time to look at the blessings (both big and small) that your family will see as a result of having a missionary in the field. Our son, Eric, comes home on August 7th. I can’t wait! — Shannon

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