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Last Letter From the USA

Another great week at the MTC, and so much is happening here. First of all, I’m headed off to the Guatemalan MTC on Tuesday, which I am really looking forward to. From what I’ve heard, it has amazing food, weather, and people. It will be a good experience. But because I’m moving my address is changing for any of you who want to write me:

Guatemala MTC
Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71
Vista Hermosa 1, Zona 15
01015 Guatemala City
Guatemala, C.A.

Don’t ask me what the CA stands for, because I have no idea and I’m pretty sure that Guatemala isn’t in California.

As for what happened this week, there is a lot to tell. My testimony of the church is really growing here. With 5 hours a day to study the Gospel, I have been able to really dig in to some of the deeper parts of the church, understand the scriptures more, and to feel the Spirit. I made a giant map of the Plan of Salvation with accompanying scriptures on my classroom whiteboard, and that was just for fun. I also got my new teacher this week, Hermana Graham. She is really nice and is a great teacher. We are now teaching two “investigators,” who are really just Hermano Dangerfield and Hermana Graham acting as other people. It is a great learning experience.

One downside to leaving to Guatemala is that I have to leave behind all the Elders in my District and hall. I have become really good friends with all of them. My companion, Elder Meason, is always full of questions and cool stories. We will spend entire study periods on one topic, looking for answers in the scriptures, and we spend our meals and nights swapping stories. I really am having fun with the Gospel.

On Sunday, we had an amazing night about Joseph Smith. A famous CES teacher did a role play of Willard Richards, one of the men in the room with Joseph Smith when he died. He recounted the whole story of Joseph’s arrest and martyrdom, and it really helped to strengthen my testimony. We sang a rousing “Praise to the Man,” and then watched the Joseph Smith movie. All in all, I believe that he was a prophet of God more than ever before, especially coupled with my study of the scriptures.

My 4th of July was pretty interesting as well. We had a really cheesy devotional about celebrating independence around the world and the blessing of the Gospel. But without the freedoms of the United States, the Gospel would never have been able to flourish as it has. I am so grateful for our nation. After the devotional, we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks show from behind a fence and some trees, and had the rare opportunity to stay up past 10:30. Not as good as a 4th of July at home, but I liked it.

I miss everyone at home, but I’m glad that I’m here. I know that the Lord loves each and every one of you, and I know that this is the true Church.

Until next week!


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