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Settling In to Mission Life

A Great Family

Family photos two days before Justing left.

The MTC gets better every day. I’m finally settling into the schedule, the whole companion thing, the food, and studying constantly. The days are starting to blur together, and my departure date to the Guatemalan MTC is already coming up fast. I get on the plane July 10, and then I’m there for 6 more weeks of training.Some pretty amazing things happened this week. It was the new mission president training session this past week, so there were General authorities in and out all the time. I said hi to Elder Cook, and my roommates all met Elder Holland. On Tuesday night, we had a devotional with 10 of the 12 apostles present. Elder Perry gave a very interesting talk that contained a bunch of new statistics about members of the church, and apparently the church is moving forward into what they call the “21st century missionary.” Tablets, statistics, and some other stuff is what I’m thinking.

I already moved on to my second companion this week. Elder Delgado moved up to the advanced class and I got put with Elder Measom, one of the Elders who was in a trio in my room. He is from Dallas, Texas and went to the airforce academy. He has had a pretty interesting life. We are getting along well.

I finished teaching my first investigator, Mariana, yesterday. I got much better at speaking spanish because of teaching her. It turns out that she is actually our next teacher, so now she will be able to give some good feedback on teaching styles and Spanish speaking. I’m looking forward to that.

I miss everyone back home, but I have been really spiritually uplifted here. After watching an inspiring talk by Elder Bednar, I decided to forget myself and put of the desires of my natural man. I am devoting myself to the people of Guatemala and I am studying all the more because of it. Right now I am reading the New Testament and Jesus the Christ to get ready for all of the Catholics and Protestants in Guatemala, and I am really learning a lot about the Savior. I never realized that scripture study could be this engaging and interesting.

I really appreciated those who sent me letters, and I would love to hear from everyone who is reading this. Good luck in your respective lives, and I will write again next Friday!


One comment on “Settling In to Mission Life

  1. Gary and Joy Lundberg
    June 30, 2012

    We are so proud of you. What a great missionary you already are. Guatemala will soon be blessed by you being there. You’re in our prayers. Love from Uncle Gary and Aunt Joy

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