The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

What is he doing now?

So, no word yet from Justin, but I am sure he is overwhelmed with things to do.

If his first day was anything like mine, he barely had time to breath. They have you moving from orientation, to moving in, to meeting your brach president, to going to your first classes, meeting your companion, eating dinner and dropping you off for bed just before lights out.

I am sure his day two was equally busy and probably frustrating. One of the first things they teach you to say in your mission language is, “May I speak English,” so you can get around those times when you do not know the words. Now I spoke Korean, so I siad the phrase a lot, but Justin has had 5 years of Spanish in school, so perhaps he is doing better than I did, as it should be.

I find myself stopping a couple times a day and thinking, “What is he doing now?” Fairly easy question to answer now since his day is very well planned while in the MTC, but when he goes to the field, that is when I will really start thinking hard about that question. I hope his letters will give some detail.


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