The See Chronicles

From the Parent of a Missionary

Justin: Building Your Faith

I learned a great lesson from the Lord this week about faith. I had never known that I was capable of doing so much in one week, but as the … Continue reading

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Connor: Let the last week of the CCM

Hellllooo from the BEAUTIFUL Santiago Chile!!!! How goes it with everyone??? Was your week as fantastic as mine? This week really was absolutely fantastic. There were quite a few changes … Continue reading

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Justin: Zoning it up

No me ajacto de mi propia fuerza ni en mi propia sabiduría, mas he aquí, mi bgozo es completo; sí, mi corazón rebosa de gozo, y me regocijaré en mi … Continue reading

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Connor: Let week 5 begin!!!

This past week has been the best week here at the MTC, and I had some very spiritual moments, as well as some fun moments. Actually, you could say I … Continue reading

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A note from the Father

It is at this point in the blog, where my second son leaves on his mission to Chile Santiago East. I have pondered how to handle his blog versus Justin’s, … Continue reading

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Justin: My first week in Lo de Bran

Hello, family and friends! I had an absolutely crazy week… I cannot write but a hundredth part of the history of my life, yet I will proceed to explain the … Continue reading

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Connor: Hello from Chile! Week number 4, come at me!

Hello everyone! This week has been a good one here at the CCM Chile! My companion and I continue to teach our investigators, and our lessons are getting better and … Continue reading

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Justin: Cha Cha Cha Changes

The title is inspired by a certain song that talks about changes, and now applies perfectly to me! To my complete surprise, last night I received a phone call informing … Continue reading

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